blog Look as good as you feel!

We have recently expanded our services to include facial aesthetics treatments. Dentists are already familiar with facial anatomy and injections so they are well placed to deliver this type of treatment. Laura recently completed training at the Dr Bob Khanna training institute where only dentists, doctors and nurse prescribers are trained. Unfortunately there is a… Read more »

blog Sick of waiting for braces?

With NHS waiting lists for teeth straightening now longer than ever (at around 4 years) there has been huge demand for our specialist orthodontic service. Our resident orthodontist, Michael Riley, has recruited help in the form of his long standing colleague Beata Krzyanek. Beata is originally from Poland and lives in Harrogate with her husband… Read more »

blog Learning Together

Every so often we will learn together as a team which really helps us find a common focus. We recently had a training day to cover Customer Care, and Marketing. The aim was to allow us to continually improve the experience we create for our existing patients and to attract new ones. Laura Best found… Read more »

blog Environmental Sustainability at Hopkinson Dental

A recent team training day focused, amongst other things, on our impact on the environment.  As a prevention focussed practice for decades, we have always sought to conserve the natural biology of the human body where possible and aid regeneration of damaged or diseased tissues. In addition, we frequently discuss the benefits of a diet… Read more »

blog Operation Smile – guest post from our patient Di Leal

My name is Di Leal and I am a sister in the Operating Theatres at St James’s University Hospital in Leeds.  I am also a volunteer with the children’s charity, Operation Smile, a US based organisation which provides surgical care and treatment to children (and some adults!) with facial deformities, mainly cleft lip and palate,… Read more »

blog Gum disease and Diabetes

Gum disease and diabetes are both chronic diseases that become more common as people get older. About 80% of people aged over 35 suffer from some kind of gum problem and about 7% of the population suffers from diabetes, although in many cases this goes undiagnosed. There is a two-way relationship between gum disease and… Read more »

blog Toni’s Story

Like many of my generation my early experiences of a visit to the dentist were memorable for all the wrong reasons. When I met Laura’s father, Nick, 35 years ago, he reassured me that things had changed. Nick taught me that dentistry need not be something to be feared, that prevention was better than cure,… Read more »