Patient, client or customer

I’ve noticed a growing fashion in the dental industry to refer to the people who we have always called patients as customers. My feelings about this are mixed. I very much welcome a move away from the paternalistic attitudes of the past where patients were told what was best for their health without discussion and… Read more »

Unrelated but equally interesting things I learnt at a conference this weekend

Dame Katherine Grainger OBE is Britain’s most decorated female Olympian. Talking about how the expectations you set yourself can affect how you feel about your achievements, she described herself as “ecstatic” at her first silver medal, “I could not have been happier if you had given me gold” but, just eight years later in Beijing,… Read more »

What makes a good dentist?

As the dentists of the future embark on the first few weeks of their training in dentistry we were chatting over lunch at work about what skills and attitudes you need to be good at it. Here’s what we came up with: 1. Morals Arguably the most important but also difficult to asses in an… Read more »

Carrot or stick?

Us dentists spend a lot of time trying to motivate people to make changes to their lifestyle and habits to improve their health. Your diet, oral hygiene, smoking habits, alcohol intake, weight, stress levels and exercise habits can all have a huge impact on the health of your mouth. We also know that a healthy… Read more »