Toni’s Story

Toni Janik – Monk Fryston

Like many of my generation my early experiences of a visit to the dentist were memorable for all the wrong reasons. When I met Laura’s father, Nick, 35 years ago, he reassured me that things had changed. Nick taught me that dentistry need not be something to be feared, that prevention was better than cure, and infinitely preferable to the “drilling and filling” without pain relief that I had previously experienced as a child. 

As an NHS GP I recognised the importance of his approach and appreciated his calm and reassuring manner. During my years of practice I met many patients who had similar fears regarding dentistry and confidently referred them to the practice.

When Nick retired and Laura took over the practice I quickly realised that the kindness, care, understanding and empathy that I had come to expect from the whole team was to be continued.Their professionalism is beyond question and my treatments have been carried out in such a calm and efficient manner that I have never had a moments concern before, during or after any of my appoinments.

Earlier this year I developed a dental abscess resulting in the need to have root canal work and the fitting of a crown. The numerous appointments necessary were fitted in around a journey across Russia on the Trans-Siberian Express and then a holiday in India a month later, both thoroughly enjoyable and problem free thanks to Laura. The whole procedure was completely pain free from start to finish and I actually found it quite relaxing. Laura explained and advised at every stage and her clear enthusiasm for her work and willingness to answer any questions was very reassuring. 

A big thank you to all at Hopkinson Dental for over 30 years of superb care