Dentistry fee guide

Consultations and Reviews
Healthy Mouth Consultation (for new patients) – including x-rays £93.00
Healthy Mouth Review (existing patient check-up) £62.50
Child Healthy Mouth Review under 6s if parents are patients Free
Child Healthy Mouth Review over 6’s £32.00
X-rays as part of Healthy Mouth Review (per film) £13.50
X-rays as part of treatment FREE

Hygienist appointments
20 minutes £54.00
30 minutes £81.00
40 minutes £108.00
1 hour £162.00

Dental treatment
Guide prices only, please ask for an individual quotation

Upper and lower teeth whitening
Small silver filling £93.00
Medium silver filling £139.00
Large silver filling £208.00
Small white filling £139.00
Large white filling £278.00
Extraction from £93.00
Root filling
Front tooth from £333.00
Back tooth from £473.00
Crown from £783.00
Complete upper and lower from £1995.00
Complete upper or lower from £1100.00
Partial acrylic from £765.00
Partial metal from £1230.00
Initial two hour consultation including relaxation CD £123.00
Subsequent one hour hypnotherapy sessions £103.00
Denplan rates
Denplan Essentials from  (per month) £21.67
Denplan Care for adults from (per month)  £17.69
Denplan Care for children from (per month)  £10.23
Emergency call out
Evenings and weekends (£25 for Denplan patients) £185.00

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