Covid 19 PPE surcharges
Non Aerosol Generating Procedure (e.g. consultations, reviews, hygienist treatments)£7
Aerosol Generating Procedure (e.g. fillings, crowns)£40
These are necessary due to the increased PPE requirements, the increased cost of PPE and the increased time required between appointments for disinfection of the surgery.

Dentistry fee guide

Consultations and Reviews  
Healthy Mouth Consultation (for new patients) – including x-rays £97
Healthy Mouth Review (existing patient check-up) £65
Child Healthy Mouth Review under 6s if parents are patients Free
Child Healthy Mouth Review over 6’s £33
X-rays as part of Healthy Mouth Review (per film) £14.50
X-rays as part of treatment FREE

Hygienist appointments  
Healthy Gums Maintenance £75
Gum Disease Treatment £99
Gum Disease Treatment Plus £149

Dental treatment
Guide prices only, please ask for an individual quotation

Upper and lower teeth whitening
Small silver filling £96
Medium silver filling £145
Large silver filling £217
Small white filling £145
Large white filling £289
Extraction from £96
Root filling  
Front tooth from £346
Back tooth from £492
Crown from £810
Complete upper and lower from £2030
Complete upper or lower from £1120
Partial acrylic from £779
Partial metal from £1252
Initial two hour consultation including relaxation CD £125
Subsequent one hour hypnotherapy sessions £105
Denplan rates  
Denplan Essentials from  (per month) £22.54
Denplan Care for adults from (per month)  £18.40
Denplan Care for children from (per month)  £10.64
Emergency call out  
Evenings and weekends (£25 for Denplan patients) £185

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