Orthodontics for children and teenagers

Orthodontics for children and teenagers

With NHS waiting lists currently several years, many families are looking at private orthodontics for their child. As a registered specialist in orthodontics for nearly twenty years, Michael Riley has treated more than 4,000 orthodontic cases and is highly experienced in all forms of treatment. 

We are here for you and your child at every step of the way during their journey towards their new smile. We always take the time to properly listen to children and teenagers and talk to them so they feel valued and included.

We can provide traditional metal braces in either silver or gold colour, ceramic braces and Invisalign. 

Do it for their confidence

Do it for their joy

Do it for them

Why see a specialist?

Many regular dentists are starting to offer some limited orthodontic treatment options. Michael Riley is a registered specialist in orthodontics for which a further three years of full time postgraduate training is required. You can check whether a healthcare professional is registered as a specialist by checking the General dental Council’s website https://olr.gdc-uk.org/SearchRegister

It saves time and money

Because general dentists don’t have the same level of training and experience as orthodontists, they could choose the wrong treatment option for you.

This could result in you spending more time and money trying to fix these mistakes in the long run.

An orthodontist has more experience

General dentists are great at maintaining overall oral health. But when it comes to straightening teeth and correcting bites, orthodontists are vastly more qualified and experienced.

This means that you can feel confident you’re on the right path with your treatment.

You get more treatment options

Some general dentists offer Invisalign but, because they’re not qualified orthodontists, this treatment can be limited in their hands and not always the best option.

Orthodontists can provide the full range of orthodontic options so you know that you’re receiving the best treatment for you.

Treatment options

Traditional braces

Having been in use for many decades, this is the option which is familiar to many young people and these braces still have an important place in modern orthodontics. Teens are often proud to show off their braces and enjoy choosing different coloured elastic bands to go round each metal bracket at their orthodontic visits.


All the functionality of traditional braces with a more subtle appearance. Our ceramic braces will fit in perfectly with your child’s style.

Champagne gold (Iconix)’ braces

Due to their light and attractive colour, these braces appear brighter, smaller and less conspicuous than traditional braces whilst offering all the same advantages.

Invisalign clear aligners are custom-made for your child’s teeth. They fit in fantastically with any lifestyle, allowing teens to continue with sports and other hobbies.

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