Learning Together

Every so often we will learn together as a team which really helps us find a common focus. We recently had a training day to cover Customer Care, and Marketing. The aim was to allow us to continually improve the experience we create for our existing patients and to attract new ones. Laura Best found this a real eye opener “I never realised how powerful social media can be in the relationship we have with our patients and the wider community. I love the idea of sharing our values with the world and raising awareness of dental issues that we care about such as oral cancer.”

As we discussed the topics together we learnt from each other. Ben Scott had some tips from his time working in Australia to share with us “In Australia I was part of a team in a practice where many of the patients were children. We developed a system to engage them and develop a sense of responsibility for their own oral health which we have all decided together to use at Hopkinson Dental”.