Environmental Sustainability at Hopkinson Dental

A recent team training day focused, amongst other things, on our impact on the environment. 

As a prevention focussed practice for decades, we have always sought to conserve the natural biology of the human body where possible and aid regeneration of damaged or diseased tissues. In addition, we frequently discuss the benefits of a diet built around vegetables, pulses, olive oil and nuts which, as well as reducing inflammatory processes all over the body including the gums, will also reduce your carbon footprint considerably.

Single use plastics are an unfortunate reality of cross infection control. Where it is safe, we will always try to find reusable alternatives. A recent example of this was when Covid related protocols required us to wear gowns for certain procedures, we invested in gowns which could be washed at high temperatures instead of the more commonly used plastic disposable gowns.

A number of us walk or cycle to work and all of us enjoy supporting the fabulous local shops Wetherby has to offer.