Look as good as you feel!

We have recently expanded our services to include facial aesthetics treatments. Dentists are already familiar with facial anatomy and injections so they are well placed to deliver this type of treatment. Laura recently completed training at the Dr Bob Khanna training institute where only dentists, doctors and nurse prescribers are trained. Unfortunately there is a lack of regulation in this industry which allows poorly trained and un-qualified practitioners with no indemnity insurance to treat patients who may not be aware of the risks they are taking. 

Our approach is different – we offer a full consultation, informed consent process and follow up. Laura says: “To me, it’s not about trying to look younger or like a certain celebrity. What’s  really important is to allow your face to reflect how you feel – unfortunately the ageing process can make you look a bit ‘tired and grumpy’ when you may well feel energetic and friendly – this is what our treatments aim to reflect to the world!”.