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blog Anne Taylor, Wetherby

I have a gene which makes me very susceptible to gum disease. Luckily I have been given excellent care and guidance over many years from this practice. As a result I still have almost all of my teeth in my early seventies.

blog Glyn Keachie

As a habitual snorer I’ve tried several devices, potions and old wives tales but until now nothing worked. Those days are now in the past – with the device fitted by Laura and team I no longer snore. Not only is my wife Allison delighted but I also get a much better sleep. I don’t… Read more »

blog Sandra Branfoot

Emma is professional, compassionate and good at understanding the underlying issues to a problem. The hypnotherapy techniques she teaches you are very easy to continue at home and reduce the levels of stress in your life.

blog Bethany Hebden

“I now have the perfect, healthy smile that I always wanted. Going to Hopkinson Dental was one of the best decisions I ever made.”