Dental anxiety is a common problem. For many people, this anxiety stems from a previous unpleasant experience.

Obviously it is important that we are able to access dental care in order to keep our mouths healthy, however it is sometimes difficult for people who experience anxiety to achieve the confidence to attend regularly.

At Hopkinson Dental, we recognise that dental anxiety can be an issue for some – but the good news is that it can be overcome! We believe in an holistic approach to ensure your wellbeing. The team are all extremely empathetic and understanding and will look after you during your visit, so that you can feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible. We are pleased to be able to offer dental hypnotherapy which is very successful at helping people to overcome their fears. As well as dealing with anxiety, hypnosis can also address tooth grinding (bruxism), needle phobias, smoking cessation and even a sensitive gag reflex!

So how does it work?
We all go into a naturally hypnotic state several times a day when we daydream. This is where our conscious mind drifts away easily, however if the telephone was to ring or someone were to say our name, we would be instantly aware again. During hypnosis, you are completely in control but in a very relaxed state. This is to help access the unconscious mind where all our memories and behaviours are stored and have an important effect on our thoughts, feelings and perceptions. Happily most of the information we have stored in our unconscious mind is helpful and makes our lives easier, however occasionally we pick up problems or learn behaviour which are not helpful. A hypnotherapist helps by communicating with your unconscious store of learned patterns and behaviours and placing new, positive instructions there which have a strong impact on reversing unwanted behaviours. Much like ‘reprogramming’ the mind to how you would like to feel in a safe, natural state.

We offer a unique service whereby our own dental therapist can tailor a hypnotherapy package for you based on your requirements. Your consultation and therapy sessions will take place within the dental setting, helping you to access those feelings of calm and relaxation easily.

The initial consultation session takes up to 2 hours and will include taking a detailed case history, giving an experience of relaxation with hypnosis and teaching you self-hypnosis to practice at home. The more you practice, the quicker and easier you will find you are able to access the feelings of being calm and relaxed. To help, we also give you a CD to guide you through the process at home. Subsequent therapy sessions will be tailored specifically to you and should take around an hour. No dental treatment will be undertaken during the hypnotherapy course, and your hypnotherapist will be on hand for future dental appointments if you would like the extra support.

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