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Price list

Below is a list of our private fees. Estimates are given for all courses of treatment and interest free credit is available (restrictions apply).
For information about Denplan monthly payment plans please click on the logo or contact us.

Examinations and X-rays
New patient examination (including x-rays)    £89
Recall examination (check-up)  £59
Child’s examination under 6s if parents are patients  FREE
Child’s examination over 6’s £30
X-rays as part of check-up (per film) £12.50
X-rays as part of treatment FREE
Hygienist appointments
20 minutes £51
30 minutes £77
40 minutes £103
1 hour £154
Dental treatment
Guide prices only, please ask for an individual quotation
Tooth whitening £400
Small silver filling £88
Medium silver filling £132
Large silver filling £198
Small white filling £132
Medium white filling £198
Large white filling £265
Extraction from £88
Root filling
Front tooth from £316
Back tooth from £449
Crown from £720
Complete upper and lower from £1800
Complete upper or lower from £900
Partial acrylic  from £360
Partial metal from £1200
Orthodontic assessment FREE
Fixed appliance therapy Child    £1300 - £3200
Fixed appliance therapy Adult  £1900 - £4010
Removable and sectional braces from £700
Emergency call out
- evenings and weekends
Please note: In order to cover overheads and minimise fee increases we may sometimes make a charge for appointments missed or cancelled at short notice.
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