We offer care, support and a calm environment for nervous patients.

Support for nervous patients

Some people are so frightened of dentistry they will not visit a dentist at all. We are sympathetic about these feelings and want to help everybody get the dental care they deserve. If necessary we offer an initial consultation with our sedation dentist Laura where you can talk about your problems, before we even start treatment. This can be over the telephone for those too nervous to get to the practice.

We never make any negative remarks about the state of your teeth, because we are here to help not criticize. We are also careful to take things at your pace and would stop whenever you asked us to or if you looked worried, so that you are in charge at all times.

All our patients benefit from our warm and caring approach and the relaxing atmosphere of the practice, and for many this is enough to overcome their fears. Other strategies that we can offer to help include headphones so that you can play your favorite music to distract you, DVD glasses so you can relax and enjoy a film, numbing gel before injections and aromatherapy candles to soothe your nerves.

We can prescribe an oral sedative like Valium before your visit. We also offer intravenous or oral sedation for extremely nervous and phobic patients. The sedative agent makes you feel wonderfully relaxed and sleepy whilst remaining conscious. There are very few side effects and you can enjoy a quick recovery afterwards. Many patients cannot even remember having treatment.

Levels of dental anxiety vary from patient to patient, so sedation is not always necessary. Laura is a very gentle and caring dentist who has successfully treated many patients with dental fear without sedation. Some patients who initially need sedation feel they can manage later on without but it is always there as an option.

Why not take the first step now to getting the smile you always wanted? Call us today on 01937 582972 or use our contact form - and take a look at our Testimonials page to see how we have helped other nervous patients.

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